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ERC Service Provider Value Proposition

Why do I have to pay service provider 15 percent or more?
Professional ERC service providers are not simply filling out forms on your behalf. The ERC is highly complex, and it’s beyond the scope of knowledge for the average CPAs and tax professionals. That’s why choosing a provider that are legal and tax experts with decades of experience and team is critical.
Your ERC service provider credit claim process includes:
  • Complete guidance on the claim process and documentation
  • Specific payroll, tax, and legal experience with thousands of ERC cases enables us to understand and interpret the details of your claim
  • Fast and smooth end-to-end process, from eligibility to claiming and receiving refunds
In creating and submitting your claim, the service provider creates documentation to ensure your filing goes smoothly once it reaches the IRS. They address issues such as:
  • How do each state and municipality’s executive orders apply to your business?
  • How do part-time, Union, and tipped employees affect your refund amount?
  • Can health insurance expenses be claimed as part of the credit?
Why can’t I use my accountant?

ERC service providers have the expertise and maximize the credit while staying safely within IRS guidelines. It’s a delicate balancing act that calls for professionals with decades of experience dealing with the IRS. Most ERC service providers get results. Typically clients receive 10-20% more funding than those clients or businesses working with a CPA that is not familiar with the program.

Most ERC service providers’ programs also includes audit assistance. If necessary, they will supply all criteria and assist in responding to the IRS in case of an audit. ERC service providers aid you in substantiating your ERC eligibility to the IRS if it is questioned in the future.

If you choose to work with an accountant that lacks a level of focused expertise, you run the risk of being unable to defend the credit, and the result would be the IRS returning the credit with a 20% fee. Experienced ERC service providers that have successfully submitted thousands of credits know how to craft substantiating evidence to ensure the credit is approved.


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